THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

Think it's easy putting out a newspaper? Try it!


Letters, calls and the roar of the crowd:

Al Richard, Lowell, Mass.: Hillary the "guiding force" in Slick Willie's life? Give us a break, will ya? This woman has enough on her man to sink the Bismarck 20 times over and he knows it.

You have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see that she runs the show. What was she doing for those 12 years when Slick was [running around with] Gennifer Flowers and others? Is this one of those decadent "open" Hollywood marriages where "everything goes"?

Roger, you are a shill for this dork in the Oval Office. He is TC blank. No soul. No character. Chronic liar. Waffler. And b.s. artist in spades.

You are pathetic. Wake up! You are a media jackass. We know what camp you're in and it smells like a sewer.

COMMENT: It's not good to keep your feelings bottled up inside you, Al. Speak your mind! And next time I'm in Lowell let's get together and talk about adjusting your medication.


William A. Hottman, Timonium: What's going on with that newspaper of yours?

* The Evening Sun arrives in the morning.

* The Morning Sun comes in the middle of the night.

* Half of the Sunday Sun gets here on Saturday.

* Some Saturday baseball games aren't reported until Monday.

Are you all in another time zone?

COMMENT: Pick, pick, pick. Whaddya want from us? You want us to drop by your house after each O's game and tell you the score? You think it's easy putting out a newspaper? Try it some time! Try making the pages come out in order. Try making all the stories read from top to bottom and not the other way around. Try having the crossword puzzle end up with the right number of words. And you think it's easy for me to draw Doonesbury whenever that Garry Trudeau jerk goes on vacation? Like I've got nothing better to do I suppose!

I've said it about this newspaper before and I'll say it again:

Name one other thing you can buy for fifty cents that you can roll up and kill spiders with.


Dominic M. Tiburzi, Planning and Engineering Division Head, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Laurel: Regarding your recent "Simon Says" column, I've enclosed a booklet that will tell you everything that you always wanted to know about water towers.

COMMENT: Thank you for your nifty 12-page, multi-color booklet on water towers. I always wondered what public utilities did with our money. The booklet concludes: "In summary, water storage facilities are absolutely essential for the protection of your life and property . . . the many benefits of water storage can help us all live safer, healthier lives."

The real purpose of water towers was not mentioned, however: They provide something for graduating high school kids to climb on and spray paint.


Carolyn J. Stepnitz, Conowingo: Some weeks ago you wrote a column talking about the echoes of Vietnam that can be found in Bosnia.

I did not become an adult during the Vietnam War, but, like you, I cannot seem to forget it. I was born in 1959, and the '60s were supposed to be my innocent childhood.

If I remember fairs and festivals, I also remember tears.

I remember the sobbing that accompanied my 4-H club planting a tree for a former 4-Her who came home in a box.

I remember by sister's friend, married, pregnant and a war widow before age 19.

I remember being 11 or 12 years old and screaming at the TV image of Nixon proclaiming that if he was re-elected he would bring our boys home.

"If you can bring them home after you're re-elected," I screamed, "bring them home now!"

I almost feel sorry for those too young to remember Vietnam, for they will not understand the need to hesitate before taking action.

Vietnam was a unique war, but I believe those who came through it view world events with a more realistic perspective.

They will forever remember that nothing is a s simple as it seems.

COMMENT: And I hope Bill Clinton never forgets that, current revisionism aside, his opposition to the Vietnam War was one of the most principled stands he ever took.

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