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Weather doesn't wilt this horse show


How hot is too hot to go to a horse show? Dozens of riders didn't think that last Sunday's sizzling temperatures should deter them from having a great time at the Mid-Maryland Horse and Pony Association's July Fourth extravaganza.

"We figured that with the hot weather and the holiday we would either have no entries or else everyone would come," said show organizer Sandi Collins.

It turned out that just about everyone was there. The show lasted until 6 p.m., but the food was gone by 2.

"The food concession ran out of food, but a lot of people were still hungry, so we brought in pizza and soda to sell," Collins said.

The final division was English Performance. Despite the late hour, there were plenty of entries for the classes in this division.

"We really have to give the English riders and their horses and ponies credit," Collins said. "They stuck it out all day to wait for their division." Lots of riders and their horses came in costumes to celebrate the Fourth. Everyone who showed up in costume won boxes of sparklers for their efforts.

George and Martha Washington arrived with a pony done up like an American flag, one horse was dressed up like a firecracker, and two riders came in on matching horses with matching shirts that honored the holiday.

The Novice Division, in particular, was mobbed at this show. Entries for this division seem to grow exponentially at each MMHPA show.

"We really want to encourage riders in the Novice Division," said Collins. "This has turned out to be such a popular division."

Collins said that the organizing committee is considering adding a novice division for younger riders and possibly splitting off an over-30 novice division, too.

Grand Champions at this show won $20 gift certificates donated by Bits and Bridles, Stablemates, Gayer's and Carroll County Tack. Division champions won muck buckets in their choice of colors.

Winners take note: Muck buckets make great ice buckets for cooling soda and other potables. I bet we'll see lots of them doing this duty at the next MMHPA show on July 18.


Division A Grand Champion: Tammy Grieve. Division B Grand Champion: Omar Barreiro. Division Y Grand Champion: Julie McCutcheon. Walk/Trot Grand Champion: Ashley Atkins.

Speed Division A Champion: Jim Abe on Go In The Fast Lane. Speed B Champion: Carey Fish on Butterscotch. Speed W/T Champion: Ashley Atkins on Lacey Jay. Western Performance A Champion:

Chris Morgan. Western Performance B Champion: Omar Barreiro Poco's Wham Bam. Western Performance Y Champion: Amanda Naill on Lins Dashin Dandy. Western Performance W/T Champion: Samantha Collins on Reynolds Smoke. Novice Division Champion: Sandi Collins on Reynolds Smoke. English Performance A Champion: Tammy Grieve on Blue Ice. English Performance B Champion: Tyler Lasher on Whispering Pines Just My Style. English Performance Y Champion: Julie McCutcheon on Whispering Pines Just My Style. English Performance W/T Champion: Renata Ramonda on 2T Poco Gray. Leadline/Walk Champion: Laura Wiczulis on April Sweetheart.


July 18: Mid-Maryland Horse and Pony Association Show. Howard County Fairgrounds. Judge: Susan Reed. (410) 875-2050.

July 18: Weave-A-Dream Farm Annual Horse Trials. Hampstead. (410) 239-2558.

July 21: Severn Valley Stables Twilight Shows. Dressage, Combined Tests, Clear Round Stadium Jumping. Judge: Susan White. (410) 757-1971.

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