25 Years Ago* Plans by a group...


25 Years Ago

* Plans by a group of citizens to construct low-cost housing units in Carroll County will make this the first county in Maryland with a project of this kind. -- Democratic Advocate, July 11, 1968.

50 Years Ago

* The Securities and Exchange Commission announced today that it has filed suit against one of the nation's largest investment groups, Investors Syndicate, Investors Mutual, Inc. and Investors Syndicate of America, charging that it "perpetrated fraudulent practices" during a 15-year period. Many Carroll countians have invested thousands of dollars in the above concern through a Baltimore representative well known in this county. -- Democratic Advocate, July 9, 1943.

75 Years Ago

* Howard Roop started for Baltimore a few days ago with 11 calves in the auto truck and while ascending a grade on the road, one of the calves escaped from the rear end. Howard stopped, chucked a wheel and replaced the calf in the machine; in struggling, they loosed the brake and the machine ran down the hill, demolishing the top. Fortunately, no one was hurt and nTC the calves were only slightly scratched. -- Union Bridge Pilot, July 1918.

100 Years Ago

* One of the most destructive thunderstorms ever experienced in this county passed over this city and to the south and west of it on Saturday afternoon. Vivid flashes of lightning and deep-toned thunder were almost continuous during its prevalence and many objects were struck and considerable damage inflicted. At Union Bridge, the house of Mr. J. Calvin Wentz was struck and Mrs. Wentz so badly stunned that it became necessary to call a physician to attend to her. -- American Sentinel, July 15, 1893.

Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

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