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Hampstead water supply to be subject of meeting

Protecting future water supplies for the town of Hampstead will be the subject of a meeting between Carroll County officials and Hampstead town representatives tonight at 7 p.m. at the Hampstead Town Hall.

Carroll County has completed a study that mapped potential sites for wells that could be developed to provide municipal water supplies through 2020, said Thomas Devilbiss, a hydrogeologist with the county's Bureau of Water Resource Management.

The county is preparing an ordinance to protect those future well sites, he said, and "now we have to talk about how we're going to do it."

Carroll officials will hold a series of meetings with representatives of all the towns in the county to coordinate the water protection effort. Tonight's meeting is the first of that series.

"I think everybody's pretty much in favor of doing this," Wayne H. Thomas, the Hampstead Town Council member who has responsibility for public works, said yesterday.

The proposal by Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc. of Hampstead to pump an average of 432,000 gallons of water a day from 10 wells on the company's land on Route 30 to contain and clean ground water contamination is not on the agenda, Mr. Thomas said, but it might come up.

"Whenever we talk about water in

Hampstead, Black & Decker always comes up," he said.

Valve work cuts off Manchester's water

A "major section" of the town of Manchester was without water for part of Tuesday afternoon while town employees replaced a water valve, Mayor Earl A.J. "Tim" Warehime Jr. said yesterday.

A crew that was trying to install a water meter on Chestnut Street needed to turn off a valve to do the work, he said. However, that valve malfunctioned. The crew then had to turn off a valve at the water tank to allow the replacement of the broken valve and the installation of the meter.

Some residents said they were without water from about 2 p.m. until about 4 p.m. Tuesday.


* Hampstead: Firefighters from Hampstead, Manchester and Arcadia of Baltimore County were dispatched for an electrical fire in a shop on North Main Street in Hampstead at 10:18 a.m. Tuesday.

Nothing was showing when the first fire units arrived on the scene, and all but one engine immediately returned to service. One unit remained out of service for 45 minutes in an attempt to determine the cause of the alarm.

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