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Hawk Ridge Farm residents vent flooding grievances


The Sykesville Planning and Zoning Commission meeting last night started with another shouting match between a Hawk Ridge Farm resident and the builder, Jeff Powers, over flooding problems.

George and Rose Ann Fischer of CaraCara Court again brought their seven months of water and flooding problems to the commission.

"I've been flooded approximately eight times," George Fischer said. "Two weeks ago, I blocked up two basement windows to keep the water from coming in. This past Friday, water built up behind the silt fence behind my house and the silt fence collapsed, so the water is coming off that into my yard."

Although the builder has tried several times to correct the problem, so far nothing has worked to stop the water from flooding the yard and basement, he said.

Mr. Powers said he and his engineer are aware of the problem and have tried to correct it, but haven't determined the exact cause.

Town Manager James L. Schumacher said most of the problems in Hawk Ridge Farm stem from storm water management.

"The water is supposed to be channeled and to drain, regardless if there's a silt fence or not," he said.

Hawk Ridge Farm Project Manager Martin Hackett said drainage would be created away from the homes.

But Planning Commissioner Ann Osinga wasn't satisfied. "I don't care that it will be ultimately solved," she said. "It is a problem now for the homeowner."

As Mr. Powers defended his attempts to fix the problem, Mrs. Fischer kept interrupting him: "You did not. You're a liar, he's lying."

Planning Commissioner Jonathan Herman asked for a plan to be drawn up by the town's engineer, Bob Bond, and Mr. Hackett to solve the Fischers' water problems.

While the two engineers said they could devise a plan by next Monday's Town Council meeting, it will take several weeks to implement.

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