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Extension granted for county's say on cleanup plan

Carroll County has asked for and received a time extension to comment on the proposed plan of Black & Decker U.S. Inc. to contain and clean up contaminated underground water in Hampstead, said Terrance W. Clark, chief of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' Water Resources Administration, on Friday.

Mr. Clark said Carroll County hydrogeologist Thomas Devilbiss had asked for additional time to review the proposal before offering comment.

"We'd like to hear what he has to say," Mr. Clark said.

A decision would not come for a couple of months, Mr. Clark said.

Although the formal public comment period ended June 29, he said he would continue to accept comments "until I get down to reviewing it to make the decision."

Black & Decker has asked the Water Resources Administration for a permit to pump an average of 432,000 gallons of ground water a day from 10 wells on the plant's Hampstead site.

The water would be cleaned and released into a nearby pond and stream. The pumping is also supposed to keep contaminated ground water from migrating off the site.


* Hampstead: Hampstead firefighters responded to a call about wires down on Houcksville Road at 5:48 p.m. Saturday. Units were out for 44 minutes.

* Hampstead: Hampstead responded to a trash container fire on Mount Carmel Road at 5:38 p.m. Friday. Units were out for 15 minutes.

* Manchester: Manchester, Hampstead and Lineboro firefighters responded to an apartment fire on York Street at 11:52 p.m. Thursday. Units were out for 15 minutes.

* Hampstead: Hampstead responded to a woods fire on Upper Beckleysville Road at 5:43 p.m. Thursday. Units were out for 30 minutes.

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