Avid collectors, join the club(s)


If you are an avid collector of anything from action figures to Zsolnay pottery to Bakelite, you may have often wished there were some way to contact kindred spirits for the exchange of information and objects.

Well, there is. Hundreds of collectors' clubs exist for just that purpose.

Almost all of them produce newsletters (anything from the photocopied few-sheeter, such as Ginny Doll Club News, to the slick monthly the Pen Fancier's Magazine.

In many cases the membership gathers once a year. Every April, for example, there is a Kewpiesta held in Branson, Mo., the town in which artist Rose O'Neill created the original Kewpie doll and where about 300 club members convene.

To find the address of your specialty, consult the "CIC Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory," published by Wallace-Homestead and available in most libraries.

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