SARAJEVO suffered its heaviest shelling in weeks and fighting spreads in central Bosnia, where government troops are trying to hold an ever-decreasing amount of territory. Serb and Croat gunners hit the Muslim enclave of MAGLAJ, 50 miles north of the capital, while Croats and Muslims traded fire around TRAVNIK Fighting between government and Croat forces reportedly erupted on two other central Bosnian fronts farther south, at FOJNICA and PROZOR.

In the Muslim enclave of SREBRENICA, the first "safe area" to be declared by the United Nations this spring, U.N. officials said they were considering evacuating the town because protecting its inhabitants and getting them food, water and shelter was proving impossible.

In BELGRADE, Yugoslavia, 35 opposition lawmakers began a hunger strike in support of Vuk Draskovic, leader of Serbia's JTC largest opposition party. Draskovic said last week he was beginning a hunger strike to protest plans by authorities to prosecute him for allegedly inciting violence.

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