Around the house* For a festive July...


Around the house

* For a festive July Fourth, arrange small paper sandwich bags around outside deck or patio. Fill partially with sand or cat litter and position a candle inside. When the candle is lighted, bags will glow. Make sure the bags are safely placed away from children, pets and clothing.

* Wash fabric cushions from outdoor furniture with one part dishwashing liquid to four parts water. Scrub fabric with suds. Wipe off with a clean, damp sponge.

* To sweep up broken glass, try using a slice of bread that will attract tiny fragments.

* Remove hard water deposits from washing machine. Fill washer with hot water and pour in 1 gallon of distilled vinegar. Run empty machine through regular cycle. Treat every six months.

* A curling iron can be used for quick presses of ribbons and other sewing notions without having to lug out the ironing board.

* Dissolve denture tablets in water-filled coffee cups or toilet bowl to remove stains. Let sit and scrub marks away.

In the garden

* Prevent disease in garden. Clean up garden debris, disinfect tools with 1 part bleach to 10 parts water, and avoid touching plants when they are wet.

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