Plans to send four convoys from Belgrade to towns in eastern Bosnia were canceled as U.N. officials studied a Serbian demand for tolls on the trucks. The Yugoslav news agency Tanjug said the Serbs needed the money to repair badly damaged roads.

A coordinated Serb-Croat force wrested key territory at ZEPCE from government troops, leaving a major Muslim stronghold open to attack.

Observers from an international human rights-monitoring group were banned by the Yugoslav government a day after the organization refused to reinstate Yugloslavia. BELGRADE was suspended from the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe last year as punishment for fomenting warfare in Bosnia.

Serbian and Muslim helicopters have defied the United Nations "no-fly" zone over Bosnia with impunity in the past two months despite continual patrolling by NATO fighters U.N. documents show. Not a single violator has been shot down.

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