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Westminster High students honored

Westminster High School students who maintained a grade point average of 3.0 during the school year were awarded scholastic letters. Any grade lower than a B would disqualify a student from receiving the letter.

Juniors who received letters were: Laura Ashmore, Jessica Auerback, Julie Backoff, James Beirne, Stacy Belt, David Billingslea, Datie Boner, Jennifer Borneman, Alice Carr, Matthew Cooper, Tim Frank, Aaron Goldman, Kristen Haga, Brian Haines, Courtney Holland, Renae Hooper, Luv Javia, Eric Kennedy, Sara Kulow, Sheri Levi, Sandra McBeth, Dean Meadows, John Morningstar, Angela Nickolas, Dena Owings, Jeremy Robinson, Nirav Shah, Kelly Shipe, Jessica Steelberg, Kristin Stull, Faith Tabastko, Tin Tawney, Alice Tromble, Sara Warner, Korin Watson and Lauren Zuskin.

Seniors who received letters were: Catherine Benstein, Heather Franz, Anna Gorsuch, Heather Hull, Sheree Anne Kelly, Amanda Koenig, Joyce Leister, Erin McKiney, Joanna Ruppert, Jeff Seaman, Jessica Shickman, Laura Shoffner, Pernille Skipper, Laura Staub, Nicole Topper, Jason Waltrup, and Erika Weidner.


* Greenfield: Eight guns, valued at a total of $2,000, were stolen from a house in the 300 block of Silver Run Valley Road near Greenfield between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Tuesday, state police reported.

Entry was gained through an unlocked door.

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