Woman complains about melee at Golden Ring Mall theater Complainant says she was attacked by unruly women BALTIMORE COUNTY


A 31-year-old Edgemere woman said yesterday that a group of unruly young women attacked and beat her Sunday night during a movie at the Golden Ring Mall, and she complained that no theater employees came to investigate the uproar or quell the melee.

Aphrodite Karagiannis and her friend, Kathy Kosisky, said they didn't see a theater employee until Ms. Karagiannis was led out, bleeding from head wounds. The employee was in the lobby, distributing courtesy tickets to compensate patrons for the interrupted film.

They had been watching "What's Love Got to Do With It," a biography of rock star Tina Turner.

Denver-based United Artists operates three theaters in the mall, and employees rotate among them.

Debra Pearson, the Golden Ring manager, refused to talk about the incident. However, James Ruyval, UA executive vice president for corporate operations, said an assistant manager was on duty and went to the scene when he learned of the fight.

UA employs two off-duty police officers for security. One arrived "and took control," Mr. Ruyval said. Anusher was elsewhere on the rotation when the fight erupted, he said.

Ms. Karagiannis was treated at Franklin Square Hospital for various injuries and released about 4 a.m. Monday.

Ms. Karagiannis and Ms. Kosisky said a group of women talked loudly during the film and became so noisy that several people shouted for quiet. Ms. Kosisky said the fight began when her friend told the group to quiet down. One of the women threw a soda at Ms. Karagiannis and shouted at her.

After an initial confrontation, the group went to the back of the theater, then returned, "looking for trouble and started screaming at Aphrodite. They didn't think she would stand up to them. Then the fight started," Ms. Kosisky said.

By the time police arrived, the group had left the area. No one was arrested, according to the report.

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