Coming soon, to a theater near you

One movie, no matter how big it may be, does not a summer make. Especially this summer of '93.

More than 60 other movies are being released between now and the end of August, almost a third more than usual. What that means for the moviegoer is that smaller films might not stick around very long, especially if the monster movies like "Jurassic" take over the screens.


With that in mind, we offer this summer movie calendar of major releases to help you plan.

June 11


"Jurassic Park": The Tyrannosaurus rex of summer movies.

"What's Love Got to Do With It": Tina Turner's story.

June 18

"The Last Action Hero": The Arnold Schwarzenegger of summer movies.

"Once Upon a Forest": Three little animated animals have an adventure and save a friend.

June 25

"Sleepless in Seattle": Nora Ephron's romantic comedy with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

"Dennis the Menace": John Hughes and another little blond kid, with Walter Matthau as Mr. Wilson.


June 30

"The Firm": The lawyers, and an all-star cast including Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman and Holly Hunter.

July 2

"Snow White": The animated classic.

"Son-in-Law": Pauly Shore is an LA rock 'n' roller in a rural-vs.-city love story.

July 16


"Free Willie": A family movie with a boy and a whale.

"The Thing Called Love": Peter Bogdanovich's Nashville country music movie with River Phoenix.

"Hocus Pocus": Three lovable witches from Disney, including Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy ("Sister Act") Najimy.

"Poetic Justice": John Singleton's story of an urban hairdresser, played by Janet Jackson.

"Weekend at Bernie's II": Voodoo reanimates Bernie.

July 23


"In the Line of Fire": Clint Eastwood as a Secret Service bodyguard.

"For Love or Money": Michael J. Fox as a concierge.

L "True Romance": By Quentin Tarantino, with Christian Slater.

"Stakeout 2": John Badham does it again, with Rosie O'Donnell.

"Coneheads": "Saturday Night Live" strikes again, with Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin.

July 30


"Rising Sun": Michael Crichton strikes again, with Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes in Japan.

"Surf Ninjas": What's a summer without them?

Aug. 6

"Heart and Souls": Fantasy comedy about afterlife with Robert Downey Jr., Charles Grodin, Alfre Woodard.

"So I Married an Axe Murderer": Mike Meyers marries a serial killer, but it's a comedy, of course.

"The Fugitive": Harrison Ford is Dr. Richard Kimball, still running.


"Searching for Bobby Fischer": Joe Mantegna, Ben Kingsley and Larry Fishburne play chess and more.

"Meteor Man": Robert Townsend is an ordinary urbanite who gets super powers when struck by a meteor.

Aug. 13

"Johnnie Zombie": A teen-ager comes back from the dead to keep a date with the prom queen.

"Needful Things": What's a summer without Stephen King?

"Into the West": Gabriel Byrne and Ellen Barkin romp in Ireland.


"King of the Hill": Steven Soderbergh's plucky kid saves the day during the Depression.

"Jason Goes to Hell": And stays there?

Aug. 20

"Mr. Nanny": Hulk Hogan.

Aug. 27

"Father Hood": Patrick Swayze, Halle Berry and Dianne Ladd in family drama.


"Kalifornia": Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis in suspense thriller.


"The Secret Garden": The kids' musical.

"Robin Hood: Men in Tights": Mel Brooks' parody.

"Ghost in the Machine": Stalker thriller.

"Undercover Blues": A Herb Ross comedy with Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner as spies with a baby.


"The Son of the Pink Panther": Blake Edwards returns with Roberto Benigni and Claudia Cardinale.