Heavy fighting wracked SARAJEVO, possibly as a result of a move by government forces to cut Bosnian Serb supply lines south of the Bosnian capital. Police said 20 people were killed and 137 wounded in the assault by Bosnian Serbs. Fierce battles also were reported around the besieged town of GORAZDE, where Bosnian radio said Serbs had breached defense lines.

United Nations sanctions against Yugoslavia for backing the rebel Serbs in Bosnia reached the one-year stage. The effects of supporting the ethnic war, plus the sanctions, have left Yugoslavia with a monthly inflation rate of 200 percent, almost 50 percent unemployment and a 50 percent cut in industrial output.

In ZAGREB. Croatian President Franjo Tudjman accused the world community of assigning Croatia some of the blame for the fighting in Bosnia to cover up for its own lack of resolve to end the war.

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