At Embers, a soup packed with veggies, a great carrot cake


The Embers

Where: 24th Street and Coastal Highway, Ocean City

Hours: Dinner, 3:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily; breakfast, 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Credit cards: Accepts all major credit cards

It was a peaceful midweek evening when my friend and I decided to have dinner at the Embers, one of Ocean City's long-standing restaurants.

We were seated in a dining room that simulated a garden porch with wrought-iron grille trims and a lush green carpet.

We started with the Maryland crab soup ($2.95), which came packed with vegetables. The broth was a bit thin, though, and not spicy enough for our taste. The jumbo spiced shrimp (6.95), which certainly fit the description of jumbo, were arranged on a mound of crushed ice and were tender and nicely seasoned.

The server offered us a choice of raisin or pumpernickel bread or blueberry muffins. We opted for the raisin and pumpernickel breads and especially liked the raisin bread, which was moist and not as sugary as some raisin breads can be.

Next we were served a modest garden salad, which was included in the price of the entree. The crisp iceberg lettuce was spruced up with cabbage, tomato wedges and sliced onion.

My friend, who likes anything cooked Cajun, decided to try the Cajun prime rib ($18.50). The thick slab of meat was a nice tender cut, but my friend thought the meat should have been seasoned on both sides rather than one. Fresh spears of asparagus adorned the plate along with broiled potatoes.

I had the chicken cacciatore ($12.95), which was artfully displayed on a large platter with the asparagus and a veggie melange including squash and carrots that had been sauteed in a light butter sauce. The lightly breaded chicken rested on a large mound of linguine.

For dessert, we had the carrot cake ($2.95), which was one of the best carrot cakes I've ever tasted. It was moist and spicy with raisins and walnuts mixed in for texture. The light and creamy icing was the perfect topping.

Since I can't pass up chocolate, I decided to try the chocolate truffle cake ($2.95), which, unfortunately, was a disappointment. was cloyingly sweet and did not taste as chocolaty as it looked.

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