Good-sized flounder abound minnows seem preferred bait


Ocean City flounder fishing has been exceptionally good. Most anglers are not catching their creel limit of 10 flounder, but the ones they are bringing to the dock are fat and good-sized.

Anglers are reporting an average of two to six keepers per trip, which isn't bad for so early in the season.

Windy weather can make flounder fishing more difficult. Getting a good drift and finding clean, clear water is important when fishing for flounder. David Stevens of Baltimore found a lucky hole in the Thorofare area of the bay. He landed one of the largest flounder caught last weekend. It went 5 3/4 pounds and was taken on a live minnow and squid sandwich.

Barbara Glinka of Bahia Marina reports that the party and rental boats have been having good luck on the flounder as long as they are fishing the tide. The best tide has been the beginning high tide. Live minnows seem to be the preferred bait.

Bill Bundy Jr. and Bill Bundy Sr. had an excellent fishing day over the weekend. This father-and-son team from East Petersburg, Pa., had a 3 1/4 - ,3 3/4 - and 4 1/2 -pound flounder along with several other fish. They were fishing the Thorofare with strips of flounder belly. Flounder must be 14 inches. The Marine Police are watching and checking, so make sure your fish are legal-sized.

Mike Jamgochian, Bill Kalista and Joe Preble of Ocean City had a nice catch of flounder. They had a 3 1/2 pounder, a 5 1/2 pounder and three or four other flounder as well. They were fishing the Thorofare area with a minnow and squid combination.

Numerous fish came out of the Thorofare area last week, but other spots were productive as well. Some anglers did well drifting north of the Thorofare in the flats. Others caught fish near the 32nd Street channel. Still other anglers had luck from the U.S. 50 bridge. Skip Meushaw of Skip's Bait and Tackle on Talbot Street saw one man with a 20-inch, an 18-inch and a 16-inch flounder. Tracey Shaffer and Chris Albert of Ocean Pines had a 21-inch and a 23-inch flounder from the U.S. 50 bridge. They were fishing at night with shiners.

Anglers drifting in boats near the U.S. 50 bridge are also picking up flounder, though anglers must hit the tide at the right time when fishing this area. When the tide starts moving here, it runs swift.

Jerry Kuczinski, owner of Adolfo's restaurant in Ocean City, landed one of the first sea trout we have heard about. It went 6 pounds and was taken on a bucktail jig. Mr. Kuczinski was casting from the Ocean City Inlet when he caught the fish.

Anglers hoping for good surf fishing were disappointed last weekend. The wind was blowing from the west, causing the schools of bluefish to remain off shore.

The best surf fishing activity was on Assateague Island, where anglers were picking up bluefish in the 3- to 4-pound range.

There were some stripers in the surf with bloodworms. One went 32 inches and was taken in the north pocket by the Indian River Inlet jetty. This fish was legal-sized in Delaware, where the minimum-size limit for keepers is 28 inches.

Anglers fishing from the Ninth Street pier are picking up numbers of blowfish and a few bluefish. The fare on the Ocean Pier has been bluefish, blowfish, skates, a few kingfish and sharks.

Offshore action on the party boats is uneven. Dane Brady of Washington was pleased with his catch. He had a 5-pound sea bass while fishing aboard the Angler party boat on Talbot Street. Bob Gifford of Parkton weighed in a 4-pound sea bass.

Leonard Farrell of Arlington, Va., won the pool with his catch, while fishing aboard the O.C. Princess out of Shantytown. He had a whopping 14-pound, 14-ounce pollock along with a cooler full of sea bass while fishing last Sunday. He was using squid for bait.

Farther offshore, the action was bluefish. The large 6- to 12-pound blues are biting for the folks trolling in the area of the Jackspot, southeast lump and even trolling closer toward the beach. The Grand Slam party boat out of Bahia Marina had a catch of 25 fish. Other boats had an average of 10 to 15 blues.

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