No curbs on Fido's social life


What is it about the French and their dogs?

Americans love their dogs, but make certain they know their place -- which is at home or in the car while we run into the grocery store or dine out at a restaurant. Can you imagine a dog in a U.S. restaurant? Surely an uproar would occur.

But in France, there is no such fear. The dog is welcome practically everywhere -- bistros, sidewalk cafes, fine restaurants, airports, stores, markets. The French dog walks as assuredly down Paris streets as his owner, and is equally self-confident in a chic restaurant. The dog at a sidewalk cafe is either snoozing or, like his human companions, quietly watching the world go by.

nTC "If you met an American dog in a restaurant, it would be noisy and barking at you," one Frenchwoman said. "In France, there could be three or four dogs in a restaurant, but you wouldn't know it."

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