Not all preseason quotes prophetic


Since most of you are off tomorrow, I thought I would give you a whole bunch of questions without answers to ponder while you are sitting around the grill.

If you have any answers or comments, give me a call on the 24-hour Sportsline, (410) 647-2499.

Looking back on the recently completed high school sports season, do you agree that the following preseason quotes proved interesting later?

Annapolis boys lacrosse coach Dan Hart, whose Panthers didn't make the playoffs, said, "It might even be the best I've ever had here at Annapolis."

State 3A-4A boys lacrosse championship coach Clay White of Broadneck said, "We lost our attack and we only return two middies, so we're rebuilding our offense."

Severna Park boys lacrosse coach Ed Ulrich, after hearing what White said going into the season: "Broadneck has a lot coming back in spite of Clay White's crying."

State 3A-4A champion girls lacrosse coach Carin Peterson of Severna Park said before the season, "Our goal is to win the county, region and states." Amen.

As great a job as Peterson does coaching, isn't it a shame that shedoesn't do more to promote her players, whose names do not appear among the leading scorers in newspapers during the season because she chooses not to report them?

It's Peterson's philosophy that everybody should be a no-name to maintain the purity of teamwork. That's fine, but coaches who promote players and get them deserved publicity also maintain team play.

Veteran Milwaukee Brewers scout Walter Youse told me about 20 years ago, "Publicity is the backbone of amateur sports." I agree.

Most coaches are more than pleased with the attention that high school sports gets from all media.

It's a shame that deserving girls on the Severna Park team don't get their due until after the playoffs.

When a program is as successful as Severna Park girls lacrosse (10 region or state titles since 1981), whose name is the best known? The star players? No. The coach? Yes.

What's interesting about all this is that thanks to Lil Shelton and others at Severna Park, Peterson got quite a bit of publicity when she played field hockey and lacrosse at Severna Park. She became an All-American, and her name is synonymous with the best to ever play the women's game.

It doesn't appear that all the publicity Peterson got as an athlete hurt her. As a coach, her teams have won three state titles in as many years.

I find it difficult to comprehend that Peterson doesn't do the things for her players that others did for her. There is more to coaching than wins and losses and what happens on the field. That off-the-field stuff is pretty important, too.

Give him credit for being optimistic, but is Severna Park baseball coach Jim Pitt ready to eat these preseason remarks: "On paper, we're as good as we've ever been."

The Falcons were 11-8 and didn't make the playoffs.

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