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Bosnian Serb tank units lead assaults on the government-held enclave of GORAZDE, the main obstacle to a complete Serbian takeover of eastern Bosnia, Bosnian radio reports said. One report said the defenders of Gorazde have not lost any ground, but residents have asked for U.N. monitors to be sent to the town. The reports could not be confirmed independently. Sarajevo radio also reported that Serbian forces were continuing attacks on the northern towns of MAGLAJ and OLOVO and Muslim positions around BRCKO.

A water shortage in the besieged Muslim enclave of Srebrenica has reached crisis proportions, a U.N. official warned. Fighting in the area has virtually ceased since Canadian peacekeepers were deployed there last month, but hot weather and a monthlong drought have dried up the two springs inside the town.

In a report to the Security Council, the Secretariaat of the UNITED NATIONS has spelled out some disadvantages to the proposal to protect safe areas for Muslims in Bosnia, angering two of the countries that drew up the plan, Britain and France complained that the report, submitted to the council on Friday night, went well beyond a factual account of conditions in the six designated safe areas.

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