Some Cone pieces to be lent out


Part of the Baltimore Museum of Art's Cone collection of modern art will be sent to Houston late this year when it will have to be removed from the Cone Wing due to construction.

Brenda Richardson, BMA deputy director, said yesterday between 35 and 50 paintings and sculptures will be lent to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston from about November to February, when they would otherwise be in storage.

The two museums have not yet made the final choice of works to be lent, but Ms. Richardson said she expected it would include many of the collection's most famous works, including Matisse's "Blue Nude" and "Pink Nude" and works by Cezanne, Gauguin and other leading modern artists.

The loan is occasioned by construction of the BMA's New Wing for Modern Art, now under way next to the Cone Wing and scheduled for completion in 1994. While an opening between the two wings is under construction, the Cone works will have to be removed. "The time is set by the construction people," Ms. Richardson said. "It's more or less Nov. 1 to more or less Feb. 1, but slightly open-ended."

The Cone works were removed for construction for two months earlier this year, but at that time they were reinstalled elsewhere in the museum. Ms. Richardson said a heavy exhibition schedule at the end of the year will prevent another reinstallation in the museum.

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