Co-owner of gallery leaving


Jorden Nye, co-owner of South Baltimore's Nye Gomez Gallery, is leaving the gallery as of Tuesday to resume working for the Internal Revenue Service.

He has been with the gallery since October 1991, when he took over co-ownership from Gary Knight, one of the first two owners with Walter Gomez.

Mr. Nye said yesterday that his reason for leaving was basically economic. Despite the gallery's success, with 1992 art sales up almost 40 percent over 1991, "the reality is that for the foreseeable future it will be difficult for it to support two owners with a decent salary."

Mr. Gomez has bought Mr. Nye's share and will continue to operate the gallery at its present location, 836 Leadenhall St., with a full schedule of shows. "Basically nothing has really changed," Mr. Gomez said. "The focus will still be emerging artists and I'm looking forward to doing much as we have done."

For now, the name of the gallery will not change.

Mr. Nye, 43, will be working in personnel management for the IRS chief counsel.

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