Baltimore Sun’s BEST party in 2 weeks

When all else fails, why not try auto aerobics? NORTH LAUREL/SAVAGE


Arg!! It's coming, it's almost here. Oh no-o-o, Beach Season!

A winter's worth of holiday dinners, and a spring's worth of

barbecues have brought me to this awful pass -- it's summer and my shorts are too tight. Of course, if I were to adopt a sensible eating and exercise plan I'd be in fine shape by July. But if I could do that, I'd never have gotten into this mess in the first place.

So what to do? The answer came to me while driving the Beltway last week. I often get weird ideas on the Beltway; must be the fumes. But there I was, whining about how difficult it was for me to reach my aerobic goal of 90 beats per minute three times a week for 20 minutes, when bam, it hit. The idea, not the #% Mustang.

He cut me off. I stood on the brakes. My heart rate shot to the stratosphere and stayed there for the next half hour. That's when I realized my summer vanity is saved. No longer need I dread traffic. Rush hour now holds no terrors for me.

It's not a bad traffic day: it's my daily no sweat, no fancy leotards, no ghastly music aerobic workout -- the Body by Fischer plan. So come to me you reckless lane changers, you Andretti wanna-bees, you tailgaters longing to break free, I have nothing to lose but my pounds.


The Savage-North Laurel La Leche League holds its next meeting Wednesday at the Savage Library at 10:15 a.m. This month's topic focuses on fathers and siblings of the breast-fed baby.

The league invites all expectant and nursing mothers in the area. You don't have to be a member to attend. The meetings are informal, and babies are not only welcomed but cooed over.

Bring a quiet toy for baby's entertainment during the meeting, or stop in the branch library to pick out one from the circulating collection.

For more information, call Cindy at (301) 604-4964 or Mindy at (301) 776-1044.

There are other La Leche groups in this area, the closest being the Laurel-Fort Meade group, which meets the second Thursday evening of the month. Call (410) 766-5004 for times and $l locations.


Cub Scout pack 345 reports that Den 1 swept the recent Pine Wood Derby, with Lark Creel, Jimmy Dixon and Nick Carpenter winning first through third place. Congratulations guys, must be something in your den that makes for speed.

The Tiger Cubs also held a derby. The winners were Tommy Gregorini, Tommy Johnson and Christopher Cronk.


June is a time of happy partings. We all wish the graduates well, but know we'll miss them. This is true for more than students.

Cub Scouts also graduate to Boy Scout troops. At Pack 345, fourth-year scout Doug Bosworth, Jay Eberhardt, Henry Mesias, Joey Malone, John Whitelock and Alex Williams all had perfect attendance and will move on in scouting.

John Lipka, a third-year scout, and Kevin Richardson, a second-year scout, also will move up.

Of course, where the scouts go, so go their parents. Pack 345 wishes to publicly recognize Cathy and Stuart Whitelock, Doug Bosworth, Connie Malone and Sally Eberhardt for their many fine contributions.

The pack also says goodbye to Den 3 leaders Chris and Nancy Wilson and their son John, who are moving to Australia. You will all be missed.


Brian Grooms and Tom Hager, members of the First Baptist Church of Savage, are busy nailing and decorating the church's float for the Savage Fest parade. Come see it unveiled next Saturday.


The African-American Cultural, Technological, Scientific Olympics were held two weeks ago in Oakland Mills Middle School.

Jason Knight of Centennial High School swept the gold, winning three medals in these categories: dramatics, contemporary vocals, and classical vocals. LaNell Coffey of Mount Hebron High won a gold medal for oratory and Nichole Williams of Wilde Lake High won for painting.

These three students will represent Howard County in the national Olympics during the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's national conference in Indiana this July.

Jason represented the county at last year's conference also, and returned with a bronze medal. Congratulations to all, our thoughts go with you.


Finally, since summer is coming we don't have to save stuff for the schools for a few months. No more register tapes cluttering the kitchen. Thank goodness we get a break from this.

Joanne Graf called to preen about how much everyone at Laurel Woods Elementary collected in grocery receipts and to brag about the loot the school collected.

It's an impressive haul thanks to the sterling efforts of parent volunteers Tony Meeks, Cassy Timmons, Pandora Pillsbury, Lisa Lederman, Debbie Steele and Sally Eberhardt, who collated the tapes and coupons.

The entire extended school family at Laurel Woods collected $334,884 worth of Giant tapes. The school received one Apple GS computer, one laser printer, two hard drives and a soccer ball for the tapes.

The parents also collected $50,000 worth of Safeway tapes and redeemed them for a color TV, a VCR, and assorted supplies. The 11,452 Campbell brand labels collected bought the school software, safety cones for the parking lot, and playground balls.

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