WHAT a difference 30 years can make,...


WHAT a difference 30 years can make, as illustrated by a recent Miami Herald story comparing high school proms of 1963 and 1993. Some of the big differences, compiled by Herald reporter Liz Doup:

* Transportation -- In 1963, Dad's Ford, Chevy or Plymouth. Sometimes with Mom at the wheel. The cost was gas money. In 1993, six to 12-passenger limos in black or white. Rental cars ranging from the black Lexus to the white Mitsubishi Diamante. Also, "baby" Cadillacs and Lincoln Town Cars in black or white. $50 to $70 per couple.

* Gowns -- In 1963, pastel, plain, "poofed," modest and virginal. Less than $50. In 1993, black, sequined, slim, slit up to there, sexy and seductive. Start at $100 and move up to $200-plus.

* Parental advice -- In 1963, "Have a good time, dear" and "Have her home by midnight." In 1993, "Don't drink and drive" and "Be responsible, use protection."

* Tickets -- In 1963, $5 to $10 a couple. In 1993, $60 to 100 a couple.

* Dance steps -- In 1963, the Twist, the Hully Gully (a line dance, no body contact) and the Mashed Potato (the balls of the feet move as if mashing potatoes). In 1993, the Bootie Up (a whole lot of motion with the backside), the Wiggle, Wiggle (a whole lot of motion top to bottom), the Cabbage Patch (for people with no rhythm, where all you do is shake your backside and move your arms in a circle) and Doggin' the Girls (described as "something you'd see happen at a Motel 6").

* Decor -- In 1963, crepe paper all over the place. In 1993, balloons all over the place.

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