Gibbs joins NBC as part-time analyst He'll be able to see son play at Stanford

Joe Gibbs became the latest member of the NBC-TV Rent-A-Coach club yesterday.

The former Washington Redskins coach signed on with the network to work a limited schedule of 11 games as an analyst so he'll be free to watch his son, Coy, play at Stanford. He'll also do pre-game shows in the playoffs and at the Super Bowl.


Gibbs is the second coach the network has hired this year. The first was colorful Mike Ditka, the former Chicago Bears coach.

"The only thing that ticks me off is that he got all the money," Gibbs said jokingly. "Hey, he's the first-round draft choice in this deal."


Ditka, who will work a full schedule and also do golf, is expected to make around $500,000, while Gibbs will likely be in the $100,000 range.

It would be no surprise if Ditka and Gibbs return to the sidelines. NBC coaches-turned-commentators who have returned to coaching include: Bill Parcells, Bill Walsh and the NBA's Pat Riley.

Gibbs said his reaction to working on TV may influence his decision whether to return to coaching.

"This may be one answer right here. Do I enjoy doing TV? I'm not sure how I'll feel. It's something you've got to experience. I'm thankful for the opportunity," he said.

NBC executive producer Terry O'Neil, who said he didn't ask Gibbs to do an audition, stressed that Gibbs is a good