County taking bids for new runway, roadCarroll...


County taking bids for new runway, road

Carroll County is accepting bids from companies interested in building a new runway at the county airport and relocating nearby Meadow Branch Road.

Bids will be opened at 10:30 a.m. June 30 at the County Office Building.

The county wants to build a 5,100-foot runway at Carroll County Regional Airport and relocate Meadow Branch Road, which intersects Route 97 near the airport.

Work on the project should begin this summer, officials said.

3 bid for work at community college

Three companies submitted bids yesterday to replace a boiler unit and do piping work at the Carroll Community College Annex.

The bids were:

* Adler Services Group Inc. of Baltimore -- $19,625.

* East Coast Welding and Construction Co. of Glen Burnie -- $22,192.

* Miller and Sons Inc. of Manchester -- $23,200.

Fasteners pose threat, utility companies say

Utility poles are tempting spots for tacking up posters and signs for yard sales, but nails, tacks and staples used to post the signs pose a safety threat to linemen.

Spokesmen from Potomac Edison and Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. say that when signs are removed from the poles, the nails, tacks and staples usually aren't.

Linemen climbing poles to work on power lines can hit these metal objects with their climbing equipment and fall.

The spokesmen urged customers not to hang signs on utility poles.

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