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Young mayor says he has a lot to learn


Jack A. Gullo Jr. was officially installed as the mayor of New Windsor last night, but he knows he has a lot to learn about his new job.

"This is what I expected," said Mr. Gullo, 24. "The only problem I have is the transition, but that's [true] with any job.

"I don't know where everything is, or who all the players are."

Mr. Gullo began learning the necessary lessons about his new job shortly after he won the May 11 election.

He said last night's ceremony was a formality for him and the other two newly elected officials, mayor-turned-Councilman James C. Carlisle and second-term Councilwoman Rebecca H. Harman.

But while it will take little time for Ms. Harman and Mr. Carlisle to get re-acquainted with the positions they had previously held, Mr. Gullo knows that it will take him a while to adjust.

"To put it in terms of a swimming analogy, I'm really trying to tread water now," said Mr. Gullo, who graduated from Widener School of Law in Pennsylvania on Sunday.

"I've got to keep my head above water before I can start swimming."

In between taking final exams at the law school, making preparations to begin his law practice in New Windsor and getting ready for the bar exam, Mr. Gullo said he has also discussed the workings of the town with council members and Town Clerk Richard Warehime.

While Mr. Gullo said he wants to know how the town has functioned in the past, he has specific ideas he wants to bring into the office.

"The problem is that everything here is 'the way it has been done,' " said Mr. Gullo. "Some things run very efficiently and should remain the same, but others may need to be changed."

Before he can get to work on the etown, he has some unfinished business to deal with.

"The big thing is the bar [exam]. I'm not going to be employed this summer," Mr. Gullo said.

He added, laughing: "I just have to hope the mayor's salary will carry me through the summer."

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