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Man sentenced to probation for role in August shooting


Carroll Circuit Judge Francis M. Arnold sentenced a 22-year-old Baltimore man yesterday to five years of supervised probation for his involvement in the August shooting of another man in a Westminster home.

Sean Lamont Tune, of the 3000 block of East Federal St., was the last of three people to be sentenced in the Aug. 20 shooting of Harrison T. Brandon of northeast Baltimore.

Mr. Tune, his 23-year-old brother Nathaniel Tune Jr. and 19-year-old Dion Damon Dixon were each charged with attempted first-degree murder and 12 lesser counts. Each entered a plea agreement with prosecutors and was convicted on misdemeanor charges.

Judge Arnold sentenced Sean Tune to five years in prison, but suspended the sentence and ordered the probation. Nathaniel Tune Jr. also received a suspended five-year sentence and was ordered to serve five years of supervised probation. Mr. Dixon was sentenced to seven years in state prison, but the sentence was suspended, and Mr. Dixon was placed on three years of supervised probation.

According to police records, the shooting happened this way:

The two brothers, Mr. Dixon and a still unidentified man were talking to Mr. Brandon at his girlfriend's house in an effort to get "matters straightened out from an incident" that had happened months earlier.

Mr. Brandon, thinking the matter was resolved, walked into the house and the four other men walked toward their cars. Then Mr. Brandon noticed Mr. Dixon handing the unidentified man a handgun. The four approached the house as Mr. Brandon tried to close the front door.

The door was kicked in, and Nathaniel Tune grabbed Mr. Brandon as the unidentified man shot him in the arm.

Mr. Brandon began to yell, "Yo, man, don't shoot me! Don't kill me!" He was taken to Carroll County General Hospital, treated and released.

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