CRITICS were quick to pounce on President...


CRITICS were quick to pounce on President Clinton's haircu last week -- not for the results, but for the fact that Cristophe, a pricey celebrity stylist, visited him on Air Force One for about an hour before the president flew back to Washington D.C. Tuesday night. The presidential plane was parked at Los Angeles International Airport and may have inconvenienced other travelers. Two of the airport's four runways were closed for 56 minutes, according to an unidentified spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Actually, Cristophe only finished the job. Earlier during the president's western trip, a Santa Fe stylist, Karl Vigil, spent 45 minutes shaving the Clinton sideburns and neck -- and talking sports.

Cristophe, who also styles the hair of such celebrities as Dustin Hoffman and Tom and Roseanne Arnold, probably takes these things in stride. But for Mr. Vigil, this hair appointment will be remembered for a long time. The scissors, clippers and brush will be on display at his Santa Fe salon.

* * *

RECENTLY, a "geezer" friend called Blue Cross/Blue Shield for some major medical claim forms which he uses fairly frequently for an expensive drug bill.

When the forms arrived he was interested to find that the envelope contained 13 forms, all neatly folded. He noted that the first-class postage was $1.44.

Curious about the number of forms, he stopped by his local post office and had the clerk weigh the envelope and its contents.

Yes, the postage was $1.44. He removed one of the forms and had the envelope weighed again. This time the first-class postage would have been $1.21.

Why, he wondered, had Blue Cross/Blue Shield not known that 12 forms cost $1.21 to mail, but that adding an extra form raises the postage by 23 cents? With all the forms the Blues must mail out, someone among the million-dollar babies working there might have thought to send a memo to the mail room about saving money.

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