KAREN DeBUS, 17, daughter of Patricia and...


KAREN DeBUS, 17, daughter of Patricia and Edward DeBus %% of Neudecker Road in Westminster. %%

%% School: Senior at Westminster High School.

Honored for: Being among three winners of a centenary scholarship from Notre Dame College. The four-year scholarship, honor of the college's 100th anniversary in 1996, is worth more than $32,000. It will require Karen and her family to pay no more than $1,996 per year, regardless of tuition increases.

Goals: To major in music performance and political science. "I'm hoping for a career in piano, as a concert pianist," she said. But because the music business is difficult to get into, she said, "I have a fallback career. Probably law school."

Comments: "The scholarship meant a lot to me because it meant somebody had faith in my ability. I think it's the best feeling you can possibly get."


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