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Elizabeth Large's review on Maison Marconi ["Forget Trendy, This is a Comfort Zone," April 4] brought back warm memories to this reader. [Ms. Large wrote, "The most surprising flaw . . . was the chocolate sundae . . . it didn't use to be like that."]

My father for many years was the one who made the ice cream (spumoni, tortoni and french vanilla) that Maison Marconi and other fine eating establishments in Baltimore served their patrons. Both my brother and I used to deliver Dad's ice cream to Marconi's, sometimes several times a week. The reason for this was because Marconi's had little freezer space in the kitchen area and they often ran out and needed their freezers replenished. Dad's ice cream was extremely popular and he had an excellent product. The ice cream had a high butterfat content, was made with eggs, was double pasteurized for aging, and had no preservatives. When you poured marconi's magnificent bitter chocolate sauce over Dad's glorious french vanilla, it was an exquisite melding of flavors, textures and sensations.

I have not been to Marconi's in a while, but I do hope to return soon. Maybe I'll really kill my diet and try the sundae, but in the meantime, I can't help but wonder, were Elizabeth Large's taste buds off that evening or was it Dad's french vanilla that made

that chocolate sundae the success that it was?

Gail Castleman


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