50 Years Ago* Anne Arundel schools will...


50 Years Ago

* Anne Arundel schools will close early this year to release students for the June harvest. Commencements will fall on June 4th for high schools with elementary schools closing June 9th. A farm labor shortage is the reason. -- The Sun, May 18, 1943.

* Two hundred motorists of Anne Arundel County today had been reported to the County War Price and Rationing Board for recent violations of the pleasure driving ban or for exceeding the 35-mph Victory speed limit. -- The Sun, May 28, 1943.

* Miss Mary Nicholson Magruder of Annapolis, great-granddaughter of Judge Joseph Hopper Nicholson, sponsored a new Liberty Ship named for her ancestor at the Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard in Baltimore. Nicholson was the brother-in-law of Francis Scott Key. -- The Sun, May 29, 1943.

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