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25 Years Ago* Carroll countians rejected the...


25 Years Ago

* Carroll countians rejected the new proposed constitution by a vote of 3 to 1 in Tuesday's election, with 2,825 voting "for" and 9,112 voting "against." The vote in the state shows that it was defeated by a majority of over 83,000 votes. More than 645,000 of the state's eligible voters -- 45 percent -- took part in this election. This heavy vote . . . exceeded the 609,000 ballots cast in the 1966 Democratic and Republican gubernatorial primary elections. -- Democratic Advocate, May 16, 1968.

50 Years Ago

* Sunday, June 6, at 3 p.m. has been set for the official dedication of the Westminster Airport, known as Base 332, Civilian Air Patrol, Baltimore Squadron of the Maryland Wing. Governor Herbert R. O'Conor has accepted the invitation to be present; also the old and new mayors of Baltimore, Howard W. Jackson and Theodore R. McKeldin; Mayor Joseph L. Mathias, Sr., Westminster; the National Commander, Lt. Col. Earle Johnson, Washington; the Wing Commander of Maryland, Major Arthur Hude, Washington, and the Squadron Commander, Capt. Harold R. Bohiman, Baltimore. -- Democratic Advocate, May 14, 1043.

75 Years Ago

* We are in receipt of a diary of a trip to France by a seaman and sent us by Howard Bond: . . . "In the distance, land was sighted from the masthead lookout station. In a short while, outlines of the French coast, set off by a fleet of fishing vessels, could be seen from the decks. All hands came on deck, and most of the troops took their first look at the shores of the land which for some of them might be their last resting place. . . . Most of the soldiers are trying out their French on the natives, and the children line the docks to scramble for pennies that are thrown by the soldiers." -- The Pilot, May 17, 1918.

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