Bosnian Serbs unleash their most intense artillery attack on SARAJEVO in weeks in defiance of a peace pledge by their leaders. Nine people are reported killed and more than 100 wounded, including Deputy Prime Minister Zlatko Lagumd Zija, who underwent leg surgery. NATO fighter jets enforcing the U.N. ban on flights over Bosnia-Herzegovina streaked over the Bosnian capital all day during the shelling.

In WASHINGTON, the United States, Russia, France, Britain and Spain agree to enforce safe areas in Bosnia and to try to prevent the fighting from spreading. But they stopped short of endorsing President Clinton's proposal to use military force.

Officials in BELGRADE, said that President Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia has tacitly withdrawn an offer to allow international monitors along the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina because he no longer fears American military intervention.

Over 100 members of the human rights group Amnesty International in BARCS, Hungary threw flowers into a river linking Hungary and Croatia to protest Croatian support for Bosnian Croat attacks on Bosnian Muslims. The protesters were from the United States and Europe.

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