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Around the houseWhen buying a refrigerator, consider...


Around the house

When buying a refrigerator, consider one with a freezer on top rather than a side-by-side model, which uses about 35 percent more energy.

* For extra storage, fasten casters to an old dresser drawer that can slide easily under the bed.

* Recycle and store plastic grocery bags. Cut a hole near the cap of a plastic gallon jug; cut another opening near the bottom. Bags can be stuffed inside the top of the container and removed from the bottom.

* Prevent dark fabrics from attracting lint. Add a cup of white vinegar to the final rinse cycle when laundering.

* Wash painted louvered doors. Saturate a 2-inch angled paint brush with warm sudsy water and "paint" slat by slat. Absorb excess water with a clean sponge. Make sure a towel has been placed under the door to catch drips.

* Paint the inside of a kitchen cabinet door with blackboard paint. The door will be a good place for writing grocery items and messages.

In the garden

* Sprinkle salt between crevices of walkways to discourage grass and weeds from growing there.

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