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Due to technical problems beyond my control, last week's column did not appear in the morning edition of The Sun, so we're repeating some information our Evening Sun readers might have already seen.

Offhand, I think it was Elvis and the aliens who were to blame, but the official explanation was problems with the presses at Sun Park in Baltimore.

So anyway, here's some of last week's news this week. Maybe I'll catch up by Thanksgiving.


The Savage Volunteer Fire Company, one of six volunteer companies in Howard County, held its annual elections last week.

Jim Arndt was elected to his third term as president. A member since 1983, Mr. Arndt has previously served as a lieutenant, treasurer and twice president of the company. He is currently a firefighter III and an emergency medical technician.

Ernest Foster, a 20-year veteran, was re-elected to his third consecutive term as chief.

Other officers elected include Norman Wines, deputy chief; Frank Baker and Kevin Larkins, assistant chiefs; Monroe Feeser, captain; Ray Wines, Mark Thornton and Kris Sherman, lieutenants; and Paul Epstein as the EMS lieutenant.

Alan Conway was elected vice president, Alan Grimes treasurer, Kimberley Hurley secretary and Doug Levy a board member. The chaplain is now Mary McNamee.

Congratulations to the officers elect.


The Howard County Library is changing its computerized catalog system to one called Dynix.

Everything will slow down a bit, so please be patient with the staff.

When Dynix goes on line, operations will be slowed by the previous week's backlog and the time required to used to a new system.

In fact, the librarians will be wearing buttons that say "Be patient, I'm learning Dynix, too."

I wonder whether they should say, "Don't shoot the librarian, she's typing as fast as she can."

Anyway, the new system has some features that will make looking for books whose full name you've forgotten a lot easier. It's also easier to find books on topics related to the one you're looking for, a boon for researchers.

Some of Dynix's best features won't be fully available until later. These features include a way for patrons to find out what materials are on hold or currently out, a computerized dictionary and a community affairs file.

This last file may be the most important feature of the system. It will have listings of community and social issues organizations, with their services, addresses, contact persons and other pertinent information. There will also be a calendar of community events on line.

Do come in and try out the new system. The librarians will be delighted to show off the newest features of the system.


Laurel Woods Elementary is sponsoring a family group portrait session at the school on Monday and Tuesday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Anyone can call for an appointment, the sessions are not limited to school families.

Call (410) 880-5960 to schedule an appointment.

And while you're at Laurel Woods getting your family's portrait taken, why not attend the PTA meeting that begins at 6:30?

There are still some openings left on the PTA executive board. Not all the jobs require the same time commitment. Some are one-shot deals, like the fund-raising drives in fall, that require a few hours in a weekend.

Other jobs are yearlong opportunities to help in the classroom. In fact, the school has a PTA room where volunteers can help make classroom materials without fear of disrupting a class. This means mothers of young children can bring the tots to the school on volunteer days.


Care to recycle? The Bollman Bridge PTA is sponsoring a community yard sale on the school grounds tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The student government will have baked goods for sale.

Call Chris Trainee (301) 776-9924 or Susan Poole (301) 953-3723 to reserve a table for $5.


Summer is coming soon, and with it graduation and vacation plans.

Members of several Baptist churches are planning to visit Choctow Indians in Oklahoma to hold Vacation Bible schools and youth activities and help with traditional revival meetings.

Those who plan to attend from the First Baptist Church of Savage include Margaret Willie, Jennifer Sagor, Sally and Quintessa Breedan, Beth Day, Kim Gifford, Cliff Norris, David Sagor, Eva Sherman, Kevin Tengesdal, Eleanor Witcher, John and Gail Salgado, Mitchell Young, and Bill and Jacky Waller.

Members of other churches attending include El and Judy Huber, Jon Waller, Bob Cremin, Carol Reed, Autin DesAutels and Vivian Phillips.


This year, what with a long wet winter, and the sudden hot weather, the more or less orderly months-long procession of camellia, dogwood, apples and lilac flowers compressed into a two-week span.

I find myself showered by the blossoms of all three. While relieved that each bush has flowered, will this spoil me for next year? Will I expect, next February when the camellia flowers, a brave show from the rest before March?

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