Emily's Path trial sought


The long-simmering neighborhood battle over "Emily's Path took on a new life yesterday as a Riderwood-area man rejected a District Court judge's offer of record-clearing probation in favor of a suspended jail term, $150 fine and a chance to appeal.

Jay R. Angle, 62, of the Village Green section of Riderwood said he will appeal his conviction and sentence to the Circuit Court, which means the case will be retried before a judge or a jury. The choice is Mr. Angle's.

Judge A. Gordon Boone Jr. convicted Mr. Angle of harassment in October. At that time, Judge Boone said Mr. Angle had a "driving obsession" to re-establish a crossing of the light rail line tracks on Emily's Path at the Riderwood Post Office.

After refusing probation, Mr. Angle received a suspended, 15-day sentence, a $150 fine and was ordered to serve two years of unsupervised probation. The probation conditions have been in effect for a year. They allow Mr. Angle to visit Emily's Path three times a week and bar him from taking his camera near the home of Frederick and Olivia Rasmussen, complainants in the case.

Mr. Angle has filed suit in Baltimore County Circuit Court against Baltimore County, the Mass Transit Administration, the Rasmussens and another former Rider Avenue couple. The suit asks the court to declare illegal the county's decision to close Emily's Path as a legal road, and the MTA's decision to block the crossing. It also asks the court to order the MTA to build a pedestrian bridge or tunnel crossing, or open the fence separating the path from the tracks.

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