Suit is filed alleging Tettleton ran over youth's foot with truck


Detroit Tigers catcher Mickey Tettleton can drive a basebal far into the night, but a lawsuit filed yesterday raises questions about the former Oriole's ability to drive a pickup truck safely out of a stadium parking lot.

"Little League Day" festivities three years ago at Memorial Stadium ended with Tettleton running over a young ballplayer's foot, according to the suit, filed in Baltimore Circuit Court.

Tettleton was among several players who signed autographs while remaining in their vehicles in the stadium parking lot as part of the May 20, 1990, event, according to the suit. When he was finished, he pulled away "in a negligent manner" and ran over 11-year-old Carl L. Snider's right foot, the suit alleges.

The suit states the Silver Spring boy sustained a fractured foot and other injuries that continue to require medical treatment.

The boy's parents are demanding $350,000 in compensatory damages.

The suit also charges Orioles Inc., Tettleton's employer at the time, with "vicarious liability" and charges the city of Baltimore, as owner of Memorial Stadium, with negligence for failing to take precautions to protect the autograph seekers.

Orioles spokesman Rick Vaughn declined to comment on the suit. Tettleton did not respond to a request for comment before his game last night.

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