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Manchester residents voted for experience in yesterday' Town Council race, electing the former clerk-treasurer, the former water and wastewater superintendent, and the only incumbent running for re-election.

Kathryn L. Riley, who was Manchester clerk-treasurer for 23 years, garnered 136 votes. Douglas E. Myers, who was water and wastewater superintendent for nine years, got 105.

Incumbent Councilwoman Charlotte Collett, who spent 12 years on the town's planning and zoning and appeals boards, received 87 votes.

Christopher D'Amario received 80 votes, Rob Yingling, 71, and Ray Unger, 49.

Jeff Utz got four write-in votes.

"It's pretty evident that the ones that lived here all their life got in," Mr. Myers said.

"There's still a division" between long-established Manchester residents and those living in newer developments such as Whispering Pines, he said.

"The people that were turning out were not the new developments," Mrs. Collett said after she observed voters going into the town hall.

"I bet you bottom dollar that there are oodles in this town who didn't even know there was an election."

She said improving communication with town residents would be her first priority in her coming term.

Of 1,309 registered voters in Manchester, 199 -- about 15 percent -- cast ballots, said Marianne Warehime of the town's Board of Elections Supervisors.

L "We would have liked . . . a much larger turnout," she said.

"It's going to be status quo, it looks like," Mr. D'Amario said after the results were announced. "I would like to say thanks to everybody that supported me."

His wife, Cheryl D'Amario, and his sister, Amy Warner, had campaigned for him throughout election day in the rain across the street from the town hall.

"That was terrible," Mr. D'Amario said. "I felt so bad for them."

Mr. Unger said he "made a lot of friends" during the race.

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