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Baltimore man accused of punching police

A Baltimore man is accused of walking into the county Northern District Police Station on Sunday and punching two officers and an aide in the face before four policemen subdued him.

Police said the man entered the station in the 900 block of Hammonds Lane at 2:10 p.m. and told police aide Robert Anderson not to threaten him. He then allegedly punched Mr. Anderson in the face, shattering his glasses and cutting his face.

Sgt. Timothy Walker heard the commotion and rushed to the front of the station but was punched in the nose.

Sergeant Walker and Lt. James Fahrman then tried to arrest the man, who allegedly punched Lieutenant Fahrman in the left eye.

Mr. Anderson, Sergeant Walker and Lieutenant Fahrman were treated and released from North Arundel Hospital.

Sergeant Walker suffered a broken nose.

Police charged Daniel McKermick Hilliary, 35, of the 1000 block of Stoll Place with three counts of assault and battery, and one count each of resisting arrest and destruction of property.


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