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Order against developer rescinded SOUTHEAST--Sykesville * Eldersburg * Gamber


Sykesville has rescinded its stop-work order at the Hawk Ridge Farm development, said Town Manager James L. Schumacher.

"We laid down the town's conditions, and the builder has complied," Mr. Schumacher said Friday.

In response to many complaints from residents of Hawk Ridge, a subdivision at the north end of town, Mr. Schumacher barred Powers Homes from beginning Phase IV of the development last month.

"We stopped work temporarily until the builders complied with the conditions" imposed by the town for a restart, said Mr. Schumacher.

Chief among those conditions was the removal of 25-foot-high stockpiles of dirt from behind homes on Caracara Court, in addition to grading, seeding and construction of an earth berm along Obrecht Road to correct storm water problems.

"They are moving swiftly and to our satisfaction on the stockpiles," Mr. Schumacher said. "They have done just about everything we asked with the exception of the seeding."

He said he expects seeding to be completed within a week.

Mr. Schumacher said he planned to meet with developer Jeff Powers on the site today to determine if the stockpiles have been reduced to finished grade.

"We expect to see 70 percent of the dirt gone," said Mr. Schumacher. "What remains must be graded and seeded."

He said he would be "glad to hear" from any resident still dissatisfied with Powers Homes.

"Once I know what's wrong, I will work to improve it," he said.

The town manager may hear from several residents who placed "Don't Buy Here" signs in their windows.

"They seeded my lawn, but much of it has washed out because of the dirt hills," said Rose Ann Fischer, adding that the dirt washes through her yard, taking the seed with it. "They took a little off the top of the pile, but not enough," she said.

Mrs. Fischer said she fears the remaining dirt at the end of her yard will stand until the 250-home development is completed.

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