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Man suspected in three break-ins EAST COLUMBIA


Howard County police are searching for a man they believe may be responsible for three burglaries at homes in Allview Estates Thursday night.

During one break-in, a telephone and an unknown amount of cash were stolen, police said.

At about 10 p.m. Thursday, an 80-year-old woman called police and said she was awakened by a loud noise coming from the front door of her home in the 6600 block of Allview Drive, police said.

When the woman went to investigate, she saw a man standing in her hallway and she started screaming, police said. The stranger fled.

She described him as a heavyset black male in his early 20s, 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, police said. He also has short cropped hair.

The woman apparently scared the intruder away before he could steal any of her belongings, police said.

As police investigated the burglary, a resident in the 6800 block of Allview Drive said he had arrived home to discover that someone had broken into his home and stolen a telephone and an unknown amount of cash, police said.

Because of the close distance to the break-in in the 6600 block of Allview Drive, police believe they may be connected.

Because the resident didn't see the intruder, he couldn't give police a description.

A third break-in was reported Thursday night in Allview Estates, in the 6700 block of Carlinda Avenue, police said. It's unclear if anything was stolen.

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