Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

Some find it easy to blame victim rather than rapist


Letters, calls and the roar of the crowd:

John P. Burke, Baltimore: I have been reading the Sunpapers for 75 years and why they haven't waved "bye-bye" to you is a mystery to me.

You are a classic "cheap shot" artist. A good example was your column when you wrote "how can I be sure the money will go for the [national] debt and not to pay for jelly doughnuts for Ted Kennedy?"

With all the stealing, lying characters in our government, you had to pick on Kennedy.

I guess you don't know anything about those "beauts" Nixon and Agnew. Accepting bribes and lying were all they did in their political careers.

I guess you are one of those Kennedy "haters" who were not satisfied when they had their brains shot out!

When the Kennedys came here from Ireland they were penniless but with hard work and help from no one they reached the position they are now in financially.

I am certain that you never took time to find that none of the Kennedys accept salaries for their positions they held in our government.

I am sure that you do not know that Joe Kennedy was killed in a voluntary bombing mission in World War II.

Jack Kennedy was murdered in the most hideous plot in the history of the world! Bob Kennedy, a great humanitarian, was murdered by God knows who. Another sister was lost in World War II.

I am sure that you do not know that the Kennedys started the Special Olympics. These games are for retarded children all over the world.

Why don't you just pack up your equipment and join Geraldo. You would be a perfect partner for this sleaze cheap shot artist.

COMMENT: I regret saying that Ted Kennedy likes jelly doughnuts. I should have said that he likes chocolate eclairs.


Liz Brown, Frederick: I agree with [Baltimore County Judge Thomas Bollinger's] ruling [to give probation before judgment to a rapist] for the following reasons:

1. Why would an 18-year-old meet a 44-year-old at a bar? Or anywhere else for that matter!

2. Why not say "no" after one or two drinks -- or order a soft drink to begin with?

3. Why not make arrangements to get home before the evening started?

4. Why not have her call a cab rather than go back to the 44-year-old's apartment?

Part of what is wrong with all of the freedoms -- newly gained they may be -- is that a person is still responsible for their own well-being.

Many women have not learned that fact and feel that "just say no" is all that's necessary.

Well, if we can find drunks guilty of manslaughter for drinking and killing somebody, then it would make reasonable sense that a drunk person can be found guilty for not taking reasonable care for their own welfare.

There were many bad judgments made by the 18-year-old. Hopefully, she will have learned something from this experience. But I doubt it.

COMMENT: That 18-year-olds make errors in judgment is certainly true.

But that does not give 44-year-olds the excuse or the right to rape them.

A 74-year-old woman was raped in Maryland the other day. And I'm sure we could speculate on several things she might have done differently had she known somebody was going to rape her.

Do women "learn something" after experiencing rape? They sure do. They learn how many people are out there who find it easier to blame the victim rather than the rapist.


Kathleen Cunzeman, Chase: I rarely read Mr. Simon's commentaries because I find him boring, insulting and his smirking picture indicative of his pompous, self righteous writing style.

P.S. Mr. Simon looks as if he could stand to lose a few pounds.

COMMENTARY: I just weighed myself and found I tipped the scales at a staggering 150 lbs. I will not ask how much you weigh, since I do not believe in criticizing anyone's appearance. (With the possible exception of Elizabeth Taylor. Totally Uncalled For Elizabeth Taylor Joke No. 2: Every time Elizabeth Taylor goes into a McDonald's, the numbers change outside!)

As for my column picture, that is not a smirk. It's gas.

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