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Jones lifts team with near-personal bests


Eggy Jones was bowling in the Wednesday Triples at Mount Airy Lanes on May 5 when he came within a hair's width of posting career highs for single game and three-game series.

Missing a 10 pin spare shot cost him both.

"But, hey, that big game and set came at the right time," Jones said. "We took over first place in the league that night and the team had been sort of carrying me most of the year."

The retired AT&T; employee lives in Marriottsville and carries a 128 average in his other league, the Monday Men's Commercial at Mount Airy Lanes.

On May 5, his first game was 125. The next game he threw six strikes, including a four-bagger, for a remarkable 208 game. That's five pins short of his career high of 213.

His third game was a 157 for an outstanding 490 series. That's just four pins short of his best set.

Does anyone know his real first name? Probably not. . . . If you check the official average book of the Baltimore Bowling Association that lists all the duckpinners in the area, you'll find Eggy Jones listed.

"I was working in a hatchery during the Second World War," Jones said, "And when a new guy came to work, somebody would slip an egg in his pocket. Then I'd kind of bump into that pocket. I've been known as Eggy ever since."

Just perfect

Keith Lescallett, bowling since he was 12, has posted two 300 games in his tenpin career, both at County Lanes.

The 29-year-old Taneytown resident bowls in two leagues at County Lanes -- Thursday Night Trophy and the Friday Good Timers.

He had the first 300 game posted at County Lanes, and last month in the Friday league, he posted his second. He started with a 257, then bowled the 300 and finished with 190 for a 747 series.

That's not close to his career high series of 787, but it was the 100th 700 set posted at County Lanes and won Lescallett a bowling ball. And his average is up to 207.

300 game, wedding at County

Another 300 game was posted at County Lanes last month. Chuck Ludwig, owner of the center, was bowling a makeup set for the blizzard of '93 on a Saturday when he punched out a perfect game.

That Saturday was also the day that two young people that Ludwig coaches got married. Angie Brown and Craig Nauman were married at County Lanes.

A few days later Ludwig had another shot at 300.

"He had 11 strikes in a row," said Jim Weaver, manager of County Lanes. "But he pulled the last ball a little bit and left the three pin."

12 qualify for classic

Twelve bowlers -- six men and six women from Carroll County -- are finalists in the Coors Cutter $25,000 Duckpin Classic next weekend, at Fair Lanes Pikesville.

The six men are: Claude Sier and Jim Reisberg from Mount Airy Lanes, Ralph Holweck and William Clem of Thunderhead Taneytown, and David Stem and Kevin Wilson of Thunderhead Westminster.

The six women are: Lisa Smith and Gina Lowman of Mount Airy Lanes, Doreen Blizzard and Jodi Abend of Thunderhead Taneytown and Joan Chilton and Helen Lang of Thunderhead Westminster.

They will be competing for the first prize of $3,000 for both men and women against 298 bowlers from duckpin houses across the nation.

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