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Moms get due at Mid-Maryland


Among the usual 70 or so classes at last weekend's Mid-Maryland Horse and Pony Association show, two honored Mother's Day.

The first special class was a Reverse Leadline class in which children led their mothers instead of the opposite. The winner among the 12 entries was Sandy Yalich of Kingsville, whose 9-year-old daughter Lauren led her on Smokey's Sleepy.

One of the show's organizers, Sandy Collins of Sykesville, stepped down from the booth for this class and was led to a fourth-place corsage by her 9-year-old daughter Samantha.

"She did a lot of things right," was Samantha's assessment of her mom's ride. "She sat up straight and kept her heels down, and most of all she smiled. But then she didn't try hard enough to do the 360-degree turn. We hadn't practiced that."

The other special class was the Mothers' Walk/Trot Pleasure class for both English and Western riders. The moms were on their own for this one.

Uniontown resident Valerie Garland walked and trotted off with the blue-ribbon corsage aboard her Palomino gelding Impressive Robert.

"I just ride when I can," said Garland of her first-place effort. "This is my kind of class, though -- a fun one! I leave the competition to others."

Barbara Trum took second place in the Mother's Walk/Trot Pleasure class after capturing the championship of the newly inaugurated Novice Adult division.

Trum of Sykesville and her impressively built 16.1-hand quarterhorse Sand Bar Fathom won both of the Novice classes to earn the tri-color. Trum has owned the 5-year-old bay for three years, but this is the first year that they both have been sound at the same time.

"We are really just getting together," she said. "We had safe, solid rides today. He felt like a real pleasure to ride."

Trum's children, 5-year-old Kristen and 7-year-old T. J., cheered her on during her classes. They soon will show in the Leadline division aboard their new Welsh pony Freddie.

During the Reverse Leadline class a scary incident sent Ginny Fair to the hospital when her big gray horse went straight up in the air (probablyin response to a bee bite) and then fell on top of her.

Despite a cracked pelvis, Fair is doing fine. She and her kids will be showing at the July 18 Mid-Maryland show.


Speed A: Champion -- Jim Abe, Go In The Fast Lane; Reserve champion -- Michele Stowers, Rajun Cajun.

Speed B: Ch. -- Carey Fish, Stars Bandit Buoy; Res. -- Carey Fish, Butterscotch.

Youth Speed: Ch. -- Cherly Young, Butterscotch; no reserve.

Walk/Trot Speed: Ch. -- Ashley Atkins, Lacey Jay; Res. -- Lauren Yalich, The Grand Slam.

Western Leadline/Walk: Ch. -- Leah Garland, The Rio Grand; Res. -- Jessica Strain, Shawns Wise Sham.

Western Performance A: Ch. -- Chris Morgan, Ima Impressive Bailey; Res. -- Sandy Weinreich, Dons Expertise.

Western Performance B: Ch. -- Justin Johnson, Reynolds Smoke; Res. -- Jason Hartner, Jolly.

Youth Western Performance: Ch. -- Jason Wiles, Impressive Robert; Res. -- Amanda Naill, Lins Dashin Dandy.

Walk/Trot Western Performance: Ch. -- Samantha Collins, Reynolds Smoke; Res. -- Renata Ramonda, Ima Better Bailey.

Novice Adult: Ch. -- Barbara Trum, Sand Bar Fathom; Res. -- Paula O'Connor, Docs Little Spot.

English Leadline/Walk: Ch. -- Laura Wiczulis, April Sweetheart; Res. -- Jennifer Krause, Frosty.

English Performance A: Ch. -- Sandy Weinreich, Dons Expertise; Res. -- Kelly Doody, Crystal.

English Performance B: Ch. -- Bridget Fairman, The Pines Kahlua; Res. -- Kelly Carmen, Matter of Fax.

Youth English Performance: Ch. -- Amanda Naill, Lins Dashin Dandy; Res. -- Crystal Pickett, Sweetie Dawlin.

Walk/Trot English Performance: Ch. -- Stacie Wiczulis, April Sweetheart; Res. -- Lauren Yalich, The Grand Slam.

Mother of the Day Award: Debbie Naill of Mount Airy.

Potomac Hunt Races

The Potomac Hunt Races on Mother's Day featured Maryland's intrepid pony racers.

Hannah Osier on Summer won the small pony division over Ryan Dodds on Ashley. Kelly Conaway on Garfied prevailed in the medium division.

The large pony division was packed with nine entries who finished in the following order: Elizabeth Voss and Jay, Kelly Conaway and Got All Night, Leigh Offutt on Bit O' Cut, Todd Barclay and Go Flight, Michelle Cole and Milika Lightning, Bryan Stallone and Negrita, Mollie Strider and Charlie Himself, McKindra Gentile and Jack Frost, and Kimberly Harmon on Small Wonder.

Pony rider standings

Here are the standings of the top five pony riders for the Governor's Cup, which will be awarded after the Marlborough Hunt races on Sept. 19:

Elizabeth Voss, 30 points; Kelly Conaway, 26 points; Arabelle Knox, 20 points; Casey Hinsdale, 15 points; and Leigh Offutt, 9 points.

Races moved, canceled

The Marlborough Races, usually conducted in the spring, were postponed until the fall because of bad weather.

The Howard County-Iron Bridge Races, which everyone was hoping would be rescheduled for the fall, have been canceled.

A stellar performance

Carroll County rider Tiffany Hill and her gelding Aloysius won the Young Riders division at the recent two-day event at Jackson's Hole.

Tiffany tied for first after the dressage portion of the competition and went clean (no penalties) in both the difficult cross-country portion and stadium jumping.

Calendar of events

Today -- Charlie Plumb Combined Training Clinic. Middletown. Sponsored by New Market-Middletown Hounds. (301) 371-5816.

Today -- Goshen Spring Hunter Pace. (301) 854-2018.

May 22 -- Saddleview Ranch Walk/Trot Show. Frederick. (301) 831-8715.

May 23 -- Aspiring Heights Horse Show. All English. Westminster. (410) 848-1431.

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