25 Years Ago (week of May 5-11,...


25 Years Ago (week of May 5-11, 1968):

* Howard countian Kingdon Gould was appointed to the National Resources Board by Gov. Spiro Agnew. Mr. Gould was scheduled to serve in this post until 1971. He would be taking over the position from another county resident, James M. Bags, who had to resign due to business commitments.

* The staff recruiter for the county's Department of Education reported this week that he was confident that all 50 vacancies in the county school system would be filled by September. More than half of the positions were already in some phase of negotiation.

50 Years Ago (week of May 9-15, 1943):

* County residents were asked to make donations to the Public Health Association. The request was made because the organization's major source of funds, the annual Doughoregan Manor horse show, was canceled this year due to wartime restrictions on gasoline and travel.

* A recent Savings Stamp and Savings Bond drive in Ellicott City High School yielded $1,178.50, an average expenditure of approximately $5 per person.

(Week of May 16-22, 1943):

* County Health Officer Dr. Guy B. Anderson requested that county residents stop sending anonymous letters of complaint to the Health Department. Residents were asked instead to provide their correct names when filing a complaint.

* A Jessup family lost their 21-month-old daughter as well as their home and their life savings when a gas stove exploded and set their house ablaze. The family's savings of $1,000 cash and $800 in war bonds had been kept in a tin box which apparently melted in the fire.

Information for this column was compiled by Diane Mullaly from the files of the Howard County Historical Society's library.

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