Redskins not budging on Monk PRO FOOTBALL


The next move is up to Art Monk.

In the wake of Monk's first public comments about his contract status, a team source said yesterday that the Washington Redskins aren't changing their position on Monk's status.

They're leaving their offer of $1.1 million a year on the table, but they're not increasing it and they're not giving him his starting job back.

"The issue here is whether the coach has a right to name his starters," a source said.

Monk, who skipped minicamp, is unhappy the Redskins have told him he'll come to training camp as a backup, behind Ricky Sanders and Desmond Howard. He can compete for a starting job, but it's unlikely Monk can unseat either player after his receptions dropped last season to 46 from 71.

At a dinner in his honor Thursday night in Washington, Monk, in his first public comments in six months, said: "Money is not the issue. I want to be clear about that. There are other things involved here much more important than money. I have certain thoughts on it. But I don't think it matters what I think."

He also said he wants to stay in Washington and added, "I just hope it works out that I can stay."

Monk, a free agent, has not received any offers.


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