Easy, no-sew aprons


Our kitchen, though the smallest room in our old house, is the epicenter of family activity. My kids love to hang out in the kitchen.

Of course, when it comes to doing the dishes, they are nowhere to be found.

Here's a quick and easy idea for making no-sew aprons junior chefs will enjoy. Not only will the aprons protect clothing, but your kids will feel important in their official kitchen attire.

* Purchase an inexpensive, colorful kitchen hand towel approximately 15 by 24 inches.

* Lay the towel flat on a counter wrong side up. Attach one-inch squares of adhesive-backed touch fasteners at the two top corners of the towel. Affix the matching squares to a 20-inch length of grosgrain ribbon.

* Attach the ribbon to the towel where the touch fastener pieces meet and the apron is complete. Place the apron over the child's head.

Hang a hook at your child's height on your kitchen door or wall to store the apron when not in use.

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