Police testify that suspect blamed murder victim 15-year-old runaway was raped, strangled

After telling police he sodomized and strangled a 15-year-old runaway, Tyrone Page told Baltimore County homicide detectives that he blamed the girl for what happened last June.

"She's the one who caused all of this," he told the detectives.


That statement was introduced yesterday as evidence against Mr. Page, 35, who is being tried in Baltimore County Circuit Court for the first-degree murder and rape of Amanda Lee Hall. If convicted, he could be sentenced to death.

Judge James T. Smith Jr. is hearing the case without a jury.


The trial was to continue today with testimony from Mr. Page's twin brother, Jerome, who already has been convicted of raping and killing Miss Hall. He was sentenced last month to life without parole. Jerome Page, who told Judge Smith he wants to testify, is expected to take the witness stand for the defense.

Also yesterday, homicide detective Phil Marll described how Tyrone Page initially said he and his brother did not have sex with the girl, then admitted to it, but said they didn't hurt her.

"When we left, she was [still] alive," Mr. Page told police, before confessing to the murder. "It was an accident," he told the detectives. "I put my hand over her throat. That's what you wanted to hear."

According to a summary of the interrogation, Tyrone Page admitted strangling Miss Hall after detectives told him the victim had been a virgin before the rape. The detectives then pleaded for him to tell the truth.

The murder happened between the night of June 3 and early June 4. Miss Hall, a Lansdowne High school student, ran away from home June 1 and had been hiding at the neighborhood recreation center.

Tyrone Page told police that the night Miss Hall was killed, he and his brother bought some beer, wine and cigarettes, then walked to the recreation center.

There, they met a man who was with Miss Hall.

The man took them to Catonsville to buy $25 worth of cocaine. When they returned to the recreation center, Tyrone Page told police, he and his brother snorted the cocaine and started talking to Miss Hall.


He told police that as he and his brother were leaving, Miss Hall followed them and asked if they would like to have sex with her.

Tyrone Page said he answered, "Why not?"

An FBI expert has testified that samples of Tyrone and Jerome Page's pubic hair were found on the victim's blanket.

Though the twin brothers' hairs are genetically identical, Jerome's contained rare spots, or zaps, that did not show up in his brother's hair. Tyrone's hairs were found on the victim's shorts, while Jerome's were not.