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Deputy White House secretary finds fame in 'Doonesbury'


WASHINGTON -- It was 6:50 a.m. yesterday when Stephen Silverman, deputy White House Cabinet secretary, got the word that he had become a little bit famous.

A friend was on the line saying, "I saw you in Doonesbury!"

Mr. Silverman, a former New York attorney, picked up the paper and found himself portrayed in the comic strip as Josh Lyman, the White House deputy Cabinet liaison.

"It's made me a little minor celebrity here," Mr. Silverman said from his office in the Old Executive Office Building, where he coordinates legislative activities between the White House and Cabinet secretaries.

"It's very exciting," he noted. "We don't get a lot of media attention, that's for sure."

In the strip, which appears in The Sun, Joanie Caucus arrives for a late-night meeting with Lyman. She finds him leaning back in his chair, throwing darts, as the moon rises over the Washington Monument outside his office window.

The strip pokes fun both at the youth of the White House staffers and the ridiculously late hours that they keep. When Caucus sees Lyman, she says: "But . . . But you're just a baby!"

But Mr. Silverman said yesterday that the depiction wasn't quite accurate.

"I'm almost 31," he said.

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