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Some like it hot: City tops 1896 record 95-degree heat called 'pleasant'


Harold White stood in the shade of his vendor stand's umbrella yesterday selling sodas to thirsty customers who walked by. He grew more thankful for the heat with every dollar he turned.

"I like it hot because the hotter it is, the more money for me," he said as he savored the record-breaking heat in downtown Baltimore yesterday.

At 3:30 p.m. yesterday, the temperature at the Custom House reached 95 degrees, breaking the old record, 94 degrees, which had stood since 1896 -- 97 years.

Many people seemed to enjoy the summerlike weather while walking or relaxing near the Inner Harbor.

"It seems like the summer is coming real early," said Dewey Chubb, a messenger, who was busy delivering letters in the heat.

Keith Davenport, 17, wiped the sweat from his brow as he walked around.

"It's hot, and there's nothing you can do about it but deal with it," he said.

Steve Weiss traveled from the South and found more sunshine here yesterday.

"I left Charlotte, N.C., at about 2 o'clock today and it was a lot cooler there than it is here," he said.

Philip and Shirley Stokes were out enjoying the sunshine at the Harbor.

"It felt warm but not particularly hot," said Mr. Stokes. "It's a pleasant day."

The mercury soared to 89 degrees at Baltimore-Washington International Airport yesterday, two degrees short of the record of 91 degrees set in 1953.

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